Popular Fishing Spots

In King George (on the map)
Wilmont Landing—Eastern edge of King George near Rollins Fork on Rappahannock River. Boat ramp, limited shore fishing, dock. Catfish, perch and bass. Shady area.

Fairview Beach—Off Rt. 218 on Potomac River. Need a friend who lives there. Boat ramp at Pirates Den. $20 to launch. Some beach fishing. Perch and catfish.

Rollins Ramp—Off Rt. 218 near Dahlgren. Private property. $8 to launch on Machadoc Creek. Catfish and perch and crabs. Snakeheads too.

Dahlgren Marina—Near PES. Boat Ramp/Ship store. $10 to launch. Perch, catfish, crabs and striped bass. No shore fishing. Machadoc Creek

Aqua Land Marina—On Maryland side of the Potomac River. Charge to launch. Shore fishing, ship store. Crabs, catfish, striper, perch

$5 Hole—Right at the railroad tracks/gravel pits on Rt. 3. Follow gravel road to the Rappahannock. $5 to fish. Catfish, bass, crappie, perch, bluegill. Lots of shoreline access. Small boat dock.

Hopyard Landing—Free VDGIF ramp. Shore access, open area. Catfish, bass, perch. Rappahannock River. Quiet.
Out of the County

City Dock in Fredericksburg—Free on the Rappahannock. Catfish and bass with some bream. Shore fishing, boat ramp and pier.

Old Mill Park in Fredericksburg—Free park. Shore fishing just below the Rt. 1 Bridge. Bass, bream, perch and catfish.

Motts Run Reservoir—Off River Road in Spotsylvania- shore fishing, canoe rentals, boat rentals, concession stand. All freshwater game fish. Fee to fish.

Curtis Lake at Curtis Memorial Park in Stafford County near Hartwood. Free, ramp and shoreline access. Good bass, bream and crappie fishing.

Chandlers Mill Pond—Rt. 3 just before Montross in Westmoreland County. 78 acre pond. Beautiful, free and plenty of game fish. Limited shoreline access. Ramp.

Westmoreland State Park—On the Potomac River. Fee to get in. Boat ramp, pier and beach. Perch, striper and bluefish. Crabs later in the summer.

Colonial Beach—Pier there. Some beach fishing. Free VDGIF ramp at southern end. Perch, striper, crabs, catfish.

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