Thursday, November 15, 2012

Announcements and Events

Student Input Needed
We need to know if any students want to participate in a hunter ed class at KGMS so we can determine if it is feasible and permitted. 

We also need to hear from students on what topics they want to learn about. Mr. Limbrick is considering doing a "survival in the woods"  presentation. Please let him know if you are interested. You can e-mail him or go see him. His room is on the north hall (the one closest to the sports fields) next to Mr. Archambault's room.
Mr. Woods is considering doing a small game seminar complete with skinning and field dressing a squirrel. Please express your interest in these programs if you are interested.

Future After School Events---Need Input!

We need input for the after school events that you all would like to participate in and we definitely need feedback from past meetings. Our club is driven by participation and interest. If we don't have people sign up for events we will not offer other events. However, there are many opportunities for outdoorsy young people to take advantage of in our area. We can offer the following possibilities:

  • Hunter Education Class
Mr. Rick Wilkes, Hunter Education Instructor, is willing to come and teach a hunter education class after school hours for students in our club IF we have enough students interested. The class would have to be spread out over a few weeks with four  after school sessions lasting an hour and a half each. If you are interested and KNOW  you could make it to each session (total of six hours of classroom study) please contact me ASAP at

  • Rick Wilkes runs an African Safari Outfitter company. 
He is willing to come talk to us about the trips to Africa and how to plan for such a big trip. He has props and possibly a Powerpoint as well. He is an accomplished hunter and shooter as well as a Hunter Education instructor.

  • Rick Gump and Upland bird dog demo                                                              
Upland bird dogs and hunting. This would be after school, likely in either late September or February and on either a Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon for a few hours at another location in King George County. Rick Gump owns a local pheasant raising operation and has trained bird dogs and a place to do a demo.
  • K-9 Demo and /or Game Warden visit
Get your law enforcement questions answered in person concerning hunting or fishing. Our K-9 Officer can tell you about his career, the law and give a demo on how his dog works. 

  • Upper Rappahannock Float Trip
With enough interest and a fee to be paid to the Virginia Outdoor Center, we could schedule a trip to float the Rappahannock River in kayaks or canoes in September from Motts Landing behind Central Park down to Fredericksburg at Fall Hill Avenue. This would be done on a Saturday in September or we could wait until late spring when water levels are good and temperatures are reasonable. Fishing for bass, bream and catfish could be done or you could simply float. If parents are interested then perhaps we can meet there as a group and enjoy the river together. This is not school affiliated. 

  • Quartering and processing of whitetail deer
If enough interest is shown, I can arrange for some deer quarters to be brought in and we can show club members how to cut roasts, steaks and make burger and sausage. The minimum would be 5 students and the maximum would be 10. This could be done in October -January.

  • Writing about the Outdoors
Mr. Fike is looking for writers or those that would like to write a hunting or fishing story about their experience this season. Your work could be published. We also would like to get some photos to put in the paper and possibly on a website of our outdoor adventures. 

  • Gear Loans
We have gear for loan to you. Most of it is hunting stuff at this time. We would like to see gear reviews done. Please see Mr. Fike for information.Right now we have turkey calls, DVDs for hunting, fishing rods, a hunting blind (A parent signature is needed as well as pickup and drop off), and other gear to loan out to RESPONSIBLE students.

Bass Fishing
  • Mr. Fike is working on getting a trip together for those interested in bass tournaments or fishing on local rivers with local anglers for a student and parent or student and teacher or possibly two students in each boat. Again, serious members that are doing well in school will be chosen.

  • Archery Club
Mr. Woods is working with Mr. Mrotek to grow the archery club. This is a great club that will at times go to competitions. If interested see Mr. Woods.

Please e-mail me and let me know what you all want to do. E-mail  or to let us know. I won't schedule events unless there is enough interest. 

Later in the year:

Interested to know how VDGIF samples a lake?

Are you interested to see how VDGIF samples fish and determines how healthy a fishery is?

Scott Herrmann, our regional VDGIF fisheries biologist, is willing to meet us at Chandlers Mill Pond, near Montross on Rt. 3,  during Easter/Spring Break 2013/2014 to show us how they sample fish, collect data and then return the fish to the water alive.
This is a very unique opportunity for a select few students to observe and /or participate in. Students will gain invaluable knowledge about fish biology, fisheries management, some regulatory process and of course the outdoors. Some students may find they have an interest in becoming a fisheries biologist.

NOTE: This opportunity takes place after school hours, off school grounds and is not affiliated as a school activity. This is simply an opportunity that is being offered to club members from VDGIF and Mr. Fike.

Before committing to this offer I need to know how many students we will have that are interested in going to Chandlers Mill Pond during our break. The maximum that can attend or meet us there is 10. Please don’t indicate you are interested unless you KNOW you can and will attend. Space is limited. A last minute cancellation will prohibit others from being able to go.

The following is needed to participate:

1—Parent permission.
2—A ride to Chandlers Mill Pond. It will be a weekday and will last a few hours at least, possibly a good portion of the day. Details to come. Perhaps students can double up with a parent that can take off work. School rules prohibit me from taking students in my personal vehicle. Sorry.
3—An agreement from the student to abide by the direction of the teacher and the staff of VDGIF. The more mature the group the more we can do at this event.

I need to know the following:

1—Names of those that wish to participate (if a parent is going to stay or an older brother or sister is staying I need to know that too)
2—What day works best for you all? It has to be Monday through Friday, April 1st through the 5th.. I prefer a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday if possible.

Please do not state you are interested unless you are SURE you are not going to be on vacation during that time and you KNOW you will be able to go. I have some previous Outdoor Club members that are interested in going and helping the biologists out.

A formal permission form will be generated once I know we have enough to participate and once we get closer. For now please put your name and contact number on this sheet (print please) if you wish to participate.

Activities you can do on your own:

Youth Outdoor Day at Caledon Natural Area is on the third Saturday in September. The event is free for kids of all ages. Demonstrations, vendors and exhibits related to the outdoors. 

Other Outdoor Club Announcements

11—The annual Disabled Veterans Hunt is the first Saturday in December at Pumpkin Neck near Dahlgren. If you like making noise, helping others and chasing deer, this hunt is for you. You will NOT be hunting but helping those that served our country get a deer by driving it to them. Free breakfast and lunch and I think dinner. Not school affiliated.

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