Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November News for the Outdoor Club

Be sure to sign up for your choice of club topics for this Friday, November 22nd. Sign up sheets are next to Mr. Woods' door.

Deer season is in full swing now. The rut already peaked, but plenty of action is still occurring. Get out there and get some meat! If we can get enough wild game and interest, perhaps we can have an outdoor club dinner after school one day either before Christmas or after Christmas break. This would be a pot luck of sorts and those bringing something would be able to attend. Let Mr. Limbrick, Mr. Woods or Mr. Fike know if you are interested. Get your friends organized and let's make this happen!

Remember your gun safety rules while in the woods. Wear your blaze orange and be sure of your target AND what is beyond it.

Also, remember the rules and regulations. Please obey the law. We do NOT want our club tarnished by a bad choice!

Last, be sure to send us any pictures of you trips afield. Check out the page with pictures we have set up!

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