Friday, September 26, 2014

First meeting and Youth Day this Saturday

We held our first meeting of the King George Outdoor Club on Thursday the 25th. We had a good group of 19 young people stay. A lively discussion took place and it appears that we have a lot of interest. The summary of our meeting survey of the students was as follows:
We have a lot of interest in hunting.
A little under  half have hunter education completed and a dozen or so need it.
We may try to have a hunter education class after school a few days in a row to get it completed.
All of the participants love to fish.
Many already have experience hunting.
All seem to want hands on activities.
 Many would like to have a club fishing trip.
Most did not know we have loaner items for hunters to use responsibly.

Most want a game warden, wildlife and fisheries biologist to come visit and give a talk on their jobs.
We have a few students that don't have anyone that can take them hunting or fishing. We hope to rectify that situation.

Youth Day is Saturday the 27th!
Please abide by the rules tomorrow. Wear your blaze orange, be safe, and be sure of your backstop. If you take a deer please get a nice photo! Best wishes to you on your hunt!

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