Saturday, June 6, 2015

End of Year Clay Shoot --A BANG!

We had a great time with our end of the year clay shoot. Mr. Woods, Mr. Lang, Mr. Rand and Mr. Fike ran the event and supervised the members that were shooting shotguns. This event would not have happened without the help of the supervisory adults.
Some members brought their own shotguns. Remington graciously donated several shotguns to the club for such events. ATK/Champion, one of the companies that Vista Outdoor Inc owns, donated shells and sporting clays. Several parents including the supervisors of the event, bought additional shells and clays. We thank all those that came and those that helped and brought materials. Thanks also for helping do a great job cleaning up.
I would like to thank our Conservation Police Officers for arranging for us to have a place to shoot safely. Thanks to the landowner for allowing us to have this event on the property.
I also want to thank the parents for not only allowing their young person to come, but also for supporting us this year in our events. Please consider continuing to be a part of the outdoor club next year!
Here are some pictures from today!
                                                      Liz sets up to bust a clay target.
                                                      Liz smashes her target!!!
                                                Mr. Woods sends one downrange...
                                            Jordan takes out a clay target waayyy out there!
                                Jordan gets ready to smoke the clay as it approaches on the right.
                                                 It's all about how you set up and aim.
                                   JT seemed to be a natural and totally smoked many of the clays.
                                          Matt figured it out and began breaking clays too!
                                       Matt's dad reminds him about safety before he shoots.
                                    Mr. Woods gives a member some shooting stance advice.
Michaela shoots clays for the first time.
                                   Even the young members got in on the action with close supervision.

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