Thursday, September 29, 2016

2016/2017 Offerings

We would like to say that we are very excited about the potential of the students we have this year. If you are interested, have a question or want to participate, contact Mr. Fike, Mr. Woods, or Mr. Limbrick for more information.

Jim's Taxidermy
An enthusiastic 55+ group of youth attended our meeting last week and go to hear Master Taxidermist Jim Harper of King George, explain his business of preserving memories through taxidermy.



We have many ideas coming up for the kids. Here are some of the possible events:

Hunter Education Oct 11-13
Aging deer by jawbones--Oct/Nov
Tracking deer--Oct/Nov
Scoring deer --Nov/Dec/Jan
Waterfowl set up Nov/Dec
K-9 Tracking with Game Warden Jan/Feb/Mar
Finding deer on property you hunt  Dec
Making turkey calls  March
Making Fishing Lures  -March/April
Possible clay target event --Dec/March/June
Fishing events May/June
Archery--monthly if we get enough interest
and many more

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