Friday, January 24, 2014

Turkey Calls!

Update: We have filled the event. We are planning on doing this on Thursday the 3rd of April. We will also do the Ghilli suit on that day as well. Meet us in the front of the school and we will go up to our club room to do the calls and suit. 

Calling all turkey hunters!
We have secured the opportunity to purchase box call and friction call kits that can be easily assembled for less than $10 each. If we get enough interest and members would like to come after school one day we can order some of these kits and put together our own calls and then practice with them. We would need to order them by the second or third week of February so let Mr. Fike know by Feb. 10th if you are interested. Costs to students would be strictly the cost of the kit. Mr. Fike will pay shipping on the order. The call would be yours to keep.


  1. Replies
    1. Sounds great. We will add you in! We need to set a date. I will try hard to get a date next week, maybe Thursday, to do this.